Designing lyric videos is actually my latest hobby, as my experience and expertise begins eary in the 90s

after working in the music television field, for MCM and MTV and later in advertising at McCann, being involved in production, motion design and art direction. Thus video production and editing is my first passion. Below you can find an array of different productions, from color grading, to music video directing and to live DVD production. Check them out.


I play with this band, so taking the wheels on this video wasn't hard. The video features a song that will be part of the new album "The Mind Replays What The Heart Can't Erase". It's about depression and axiety. Knowing this problem oh too well, I tried to depict it in simple visuals. Basically, the walls and arch features the mental prison and then he get's out to the light.
Breathing, inhaling and exhaling, it's the life he is still trying to continue. Enjoy.


This video was a fun to direct. Although th emusic it is not funny at all, but exactly the opposite. But from a director's standpoint it was a pretty demanding cinematography challenge. We did practical effects, also tried to light up the scenes the best we could only using practicals, adapting non-stop the script we already had. And then the fun continued in post-production in order to remove some objects, to correct the lighting or to remove unwanted grafitti on the walls. 
In terms of editing, being a fan of Russian cinema school, I tried to sync the images to the music and opted for really looong shots. Enjoy.


I was asked to direct this one and the request was for two setups, backstory and a performance. The story is not necessarilly mine, although I had some inputs here and there, as well as for the acting itself. The performance is simple, basically try to support the story through editing and framing.