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Maimu and The Olympic Games // Stop-motion Short Animation Film

Maimu and The Olympic Games // Stop-motion Short Animation Film

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i the first stop-motion animation created by Romanian filmmaker Razvan Alexandru assisted by Nadja Dobrescu. Created only with his own means, the short film lasts a little longer than two and a half minutes and the production spanned a year and a half, working in weekends mostly. Razvan is the one who wrote and interpreted the original score for this short movie. The movie plot is simple: Maimu (read Mai-moo. means sort of Mon-kee) is bored, watching TV and stopping for a competition at the Olympic Games. His attention is drawn by his small and noisy friends, Mini, Cioco and Băscu, who tried to have fun in sort of a jumping contest. The idea dawns upon him to organize his own Olympics and comes up with this idea to his small friends who agree with it, on condition that they should get medals in the end. They get down to business and have tons of fun but Maimu has no idea how to get medals, however, he instantly remembers his mom's habit to wear necklaces and thus, all the tiny friends are happy in the end being awarded "medals" in the shape of a nice necklace. Nevertheless, this is not just an animation short film. He aims to be a manifesto and a declaration in favor of the non-profit organizations and all volunteers involved in saving and taking care of all chimps and other monkeys and apes used in experiments in labs, in circuses and zoos or even their protection in their natural habitat. Thus, at the end of the movie a list runs with the major shelters with these chimps all over the globe where one can donate to, one can also adopt a chimpanzee or register as a volunteer. With the hope that you enjoyed it, please share it for the cause.

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